Active Shooter & Medical Emergency Preparedness Training Course

Please be advised the FDNY will no longer acknowledge an FSD without the requisite Active Shooter Medical Emergency Preparedness course.

All FSD’s are required to take the Active Shooter before September 4, 2017. While one can still take the Active Shooter class after the cutoff date, the FDNY will not recognize the F-25/F-58/F-59 C of F. To avoid a potential summons, Quality Training Institute strongly recommends taking the Active Shooter class in the near future.

  • All current F-58 and F-59 C of F holders will need to become FLS Directors.

  • All current F-58 and F-59 C of F holders will need to take an Active Shooter/Medical Emergency training course by no later than Sept. 4, 2017 or by the expiration of their C of F, whichever is sooner.

  • All current F-58’s that do not hold a C of F for EAP will also need to take an EAP training course no later than September 3, 2018; take an EAP Computer Based Test (CBT); take an EAP On-Site Exam. All occupancies currently required to be staffed by a Fire Safety/EAP Director or Fire Safety Director are required to be staffed instead by a person holding an FLS Director certificate of fitness by March 1st, 2020. The FLSD training course for all new candidates will now be 31 hours.

  • All new candidates must take a fire safety component computer based test within 9 months of completing the course, once receiving a passing grade on the fire safety component the candidate must take the Non-Fire component within 9 months.

When a candidate has passed both parts the FDNY will issue a Certificate of Completion. Within one year must take and pass an FLSD On-Site Exam. The cost of the new on-site exam will be $750.00.

Upcoming Classes 
These are small classes of only 18 students so first come, first serve.

THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 2019: (10AM - 2PM)                            

THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2019: (10AM - 2PM)