Fire & Life Safety Direct (fLSD) Course - 31 hours

All FLSD Candidates must complete the 31-hour FLSD training course before taking the two (fire and non-fire) FDNY computer based exams. The 31-hour FLSD training courses shall include TWO major components: (1) General Topic and Fire Emergency course (20 hours); (2) Non-Fire Component (11 hours).  

Candidates must attend all training classes to be eligible to take the required training course’s final examinations for three sections. School Graduation Diploma will be issued after the candidates obtain a passing score of 70% for each final exam.

The Graduation Diploma is valid for 9 MONTHS in order to take the FDNY Fire component computer based exam.

 Applicants must take the FLSD: Fire Component Computer based examination within the 9 month valid period of the FLSD School Graduation diploma. All applicants MUST have successfully completed the entire 31-hour FLSD course or two separate courses including Fire Component (20 hours) and Non Fire Component (11 hours) courses.  The last date to take the Fire Component computer based exam will be determined based on the LATEST school diploma issued by an FDNY certified school.

Within 9 months of successfully completing the FLSD training course, candidates must pass the first FLSD Computer based exam, Fire component, administered by the FDNY.

Within 9 months of passing the fire component of the FLSD computer based examination, candidates must pass the second FLSD computer based exam, Non-Fire emergency Component,  administered by the FDNY.

The on-site appointment must be requested no more than 1 year from the issuance date on the Certificate of Completion. Please review the simplified and/or detailed flow charts for further clarity.

Please read the following documentation regarding the qualifications to become a Fire Life Safety Director.

FLSD Director Qualifications (Must read, must acknowledge) - These qualifications are from FDNY.  Any questions about your qualifications, you must contact FDNY directly ( or 718-999-1988).

FLSD Qualification Acknowledgement

Notice of Exam (NOE) for Fire Life Safety Director F-89/T-89  --> This NOE is available for you to download. It contains information and sample letters for the exam procedures at FDNY.

Fire emergencies class (20 hours) - component #1

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Application in PDF format

non-fire emergencies Class with asmep (11 hours) - component #2

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Download PDF Course Curriculum - Chapter 13 - 17, pages 281 to 370

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