We offer a wide range of fire safety and EAP-related products to assist you in the maintenance of your property and ensure your compliance with all mandated fire codes. We are available to assist and answer any questions that you may have about our products.

Inspection Books
We offer a number of useful inspection books:

  • Fire Protection & Fire Related System Recordkeeping Log Book (Revised 2015)
  • Fire Safety & Evacuation Combined Log Book
  • Fire Safety & Evacuation Plan Log Book
  • Smoke Detector Log Book

Additional Information

We can provide alphanumeric signs as well as “re-entry” signs. We can also provide elevator diagram maps, which are required at elevator landings.

Fire Extinguishers
We can provide portable fire extinguishers for your facility. We will also set up an annual maintenance schedule to ensure your extinguishers are tagged and functional.

Fire Warden Chart Frames
A chart with fire warden team members’ names should be posted in a conspicuous place on each floor. We offer an easy access frame made of Lexan that is durable and will fit into any décor.

Standpipe and Sprinkler Equipment
We can provide fire hoses, nozzles, hose rack assemblies, spanner wrenches, reducers, adapters, and other standpipe and sprinkler accessories.

EAP Identification Gear
We can provide standard orange safety hats, vests, and armbands with EAP brigade titles clearly marked on them. These are required by Local Law #26.


Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarms-Installations and Consulting, ARCS and Life Safety Monitoring