Local Law #5

For compliance with New York’s Local Law #5 of 1973, we offer a wide range of fire safety services, including:

  • Fire Safety Plans – We can design and implement a fire safety plan for your building. This plan will conform to FDNY’s requirements and ensure that your building is adequately prepared for any fire-related emergency. We can also update or modify existing plans.
  • Fire Drills – Local Law #5 requires a fire drill every six months. Our ongoing fire drill program will provide the necessary training for occupants so that they will react rationally and orderly when confronted with a fire-related emergency.
  • Fire Warden Seminars – We can provide comprehensive training seminars for your fire wardens, deputy fire wardens, and searchers, either in person or online. This seminar will teach your fire warden team members their various responsibilities and how to interact with the building’s fire response team and the local fire department in the event of fire.
  • Fire Brigade Training – We will train your building’s service personnel in incipient fire brigade response techniques. This will include portable extinguisher selection and usage, evacuation procedures, and fire department notification.
  • Online Training – Our training sessions and seminars can be conducted online and tailored to your individual building.
  • Fire Code Compliance – We’re available to consult regarding the nuances of your particular building’s compliance with New York’s fire safety code.
  • Violation Correction – Should your property be issued violations by the FDNY, our staff will assist you by providing necessary documentation and guidance throughout the correction process.
  • Building Inspection – We can provide a full on-site building fire safety inspection. We will then prepare a written report to inform you of our findings, with recommendations to help your building meet all fire safety requirements.